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The ÉrMe Állásközvetítés (ÉrMe Job Placement) is one of the earliest segments and "services" of the ÉrMe Üzleti Hálózat (ÉrMe Business Network). Unlike the job seeking forms of today, the reference-based search and log-in ensures the value orientation both for the Job Seeker and the Employer.


Our goal is:

• To increase the employment prospects for those who turn to us as job seekers.
• To inform them regularly (as regularly as we receive it) about the job, scholarship and voluntary work opportunities available within the network (thematically).
• To help people make the right decision in case of specific assignments (serving as a recruiter) with a professional HR service.
• To help the people get a good position and provide all capabilities of the ÉrMe Üzleti Hálózat (e.g. Közösségi Állásbörze©/Community Job Fair/, e-mail information and coaching service).
• To help Job Seekers benefit from the results of the network as well.


Our job and employment service aims to implement these goals, you can register here (in Hungarian).


For more information about the services, please contact:

Szente Balázs
ÉrMe HR Műhely (HR Workshop)
Phone: + 36 20 365 81 51



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