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The aim of the ÉrMe Üzleti Hálózat (ÉrMe Business Network) is to build a network in order to connect people and organizations that participate in the business maintaining the fundamental values of the Christian Hungarians and naturally believe that the goal of their participation in the business is not only to gain success, but to create the material basis of solidarity for the people in need in their narrower or wider environment.




The first organization of the ÉrME, called ÉrMe Klub was formed by six Hungarian entrepreneurs in January 2000, with the aim to create a forum where business men and fellow entrepreneurs could meet, who wanted to operate in the business in line with the fundamental values defined by the Christian Hungarians.


More hundred business men and entrepreneurs have regularly visited the club events since then and what they have in common is that their business decisions are not only driven by profit, but they try to consider other aspects as well.


Today, not only one club in Budapest, but numerous other organizations also belong to the ÉrMe Üzleti Hálózat, which shows that more and more people want to participate in the development of business relationships based on trust, social responsibility and the activity of communities that provide the framework for these.

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